The Perfect is the enemy of the Good

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Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because what you have in mind wasn’t good enough?

I often suggest that clients  try acting on an idea, with an open mind and an experimental attitude, even if it’s not “the exact thing” or the final goal.  There are several reasons for this.

  •  Often something is learned from the effort.  You get the opportunity to work with a part of yourself that needs to be expressed or exercised.
  • Something unforeseen is gained.  Life can be pretty mysterious.  You never know what can happen the next moment, or the next day.  Sometimes, when you have a goal, the way forward is a side step, and you can’t know that until you take the step.
  • A person grows through the effort.  Skills are gained.  Inner strength is built.
  • It’s good practice in shifting the inner balance away from negative thinking to a positive attitude.

As you can see, these reasons are inter-related.

So,  check it out, using your good judgment.  As you do, be compassionate with yourself, and study what happens inside you as you take this next step, whatever it is.  And bring it into your session so we can talk about it.

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